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About Jenna


Whether its a row of gleaming red tomatoes, a frothy glass of local beer, hard-working waitstaff, craftspeople, small business owners at work, or an artist’s latest sculpture, one of my favorite things is to capture with photographs and a few words the essence of what people do, what they make, how they make it, and how it fits a need or solves a problem. To that end I’ve been taking photos and making videos both of subjects I have lots of first-hand experience of – musicians, growers, artisan food and beverages – and the new subjects I get to learn about in the process of capturing words and images. 

Telling stories of people’s creations has led me naturally to the work of building websites that house and share that information and those images, and I enjoy the process of taking what clients are trying to convey and helping them pull out the highlights and organize the information in the most impactful and visually pleasing way. 

Outside of this work, I can be found hiking, gardening, playing music, and tending a growing menagerie of animals which at last count included a dog, a cat, chickens, ducks, pigs and sheep. 

I grew up small town Vermont, and the beauty of the working landscape and the creativity of people who inhabit our hills and valleys inspires me and leaves me satisfied in my work.