Creative Marketing For Small Businesses

What you do in unique, let's capture it!

What I Can Do

From start to finish, from photography to branding to web design, we will work together to meet your marketing goals in a creative and unique way!
Services Include:
  • Photography
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Consulting

How I Can Contribute

Enough of those hasty email newsletters, thrown together late at night when you realized that time had run out. Enough iPhone photos where you know your product looks better in real life, but you just don’t have the experience or equipment to capture it.
You have something unique and beautiful, and I want to collaborate with you to capture it. I am a story teller and your brand has a story to tell!

I will work with you to meet your goals and grow your business through thoughtful, strategic branding, and beautiful unique content that captures the essence of your business. I am a firm believer in visually appealing professional content and I will help you take the step from where you are to where you want to be!

Web Design

Just having a website is not enough. To work for you, your website needs to be current, beautiful, and strategic. I will help you create a website that works for you and your business. If you are looking to grow your business online, make online sales, and develop your brand, then having a smart, functional website that also conveys your unique attributes and brand is essential.


You have something beautiful, and I want your customers to see it. Don’t let your lack of photography equipment and knowledge hold you back. I will photograph your products, your building, your team, or whatever else you choose. You will receive  professional, edited photos for your unlimited use. 

Social Media Management

Long term strategy and goals, beautiful compelling posts, eye catching content… These are all things that are part of a solid social media campaign. Your social media platforms are just as important as your website, if not more so. With beautiful compelling posts, and a solid long term strategy, we will grow your social media presence and stand out in the crowd.

Content Creation

Whether you need newsletters, blog posts, or social posts designed and written, it can be one of those things that falls through the cracks of your busy schedule.  But keeping your online presence fresh is an important part of growing your business. I will write design, and schedule your online content in a unique and strategic was that best serves your business needs.

Jenna’s work is thorough, creative and professional. She is a skilled photographer as well as a good writer. As well, Jenna is talented at the many ways to further ones work on social media. I have worked with Jenna for several months now on newsletters, photography assignments, webpage updates, blogs and editing. Jenna is efficient, skilled and a joy to work with. I recommend her highly. 

Edie Farwell

Executive Director, Sustainability Leader's Network