So you’re wondering why on earth you should spend your hard earned money on a professional photographer when you already spend a good chunk of cash on your trusty iPhone?
For starters, a photographer will have professional gear, and know how to use it. Notice the difference between these two photos, the first one is taken with my DSLR camera, the second with my iPhone. Notice the difference?

Ok, I’ll be honest, I did a small amount of editing on the first one BECAUSE photo editing is yet another skill that you get when you hire a professional. What else is different? With my iPhone I just stood beside the carrots, pointed the phone and snapped the shot. With the professional shot, I set up some reflectors, keeping in mind the position of the sun, so I could make the natural light work to my advantage.

So when you pay a photographer you are not just paying someone to come and take a picture. You are paying someone to take a picture, have the gear to take it with, have the knowledge and skill to make it good and have the knowledge and skill to edit it afterwards. And with professional photographs, you can expect a good return on your investment. Your social media posts will capture more attention, and your website will be far more professional and compelling

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