Three things you’re doing that are harming the growth of your business

People who start businesses are entrepreneurs, visionaries, people with brilliant ideas and the drive to bring them into reality. They have to be, there is no other way to get a business off of the ground. But just as hard as creating your business, is making your ideas accessible to the public. I frequently see clients who create a wonderful business and then get so busy that they forget to keep putting energy into building growing their business. A few simple steps can be taken to improve the marketing of your small business.

Avoid these common mistakes:

  1. Undervaluing quality marketing. It is something I see all the time in my work with local businesses. Once your business is doing alright, its really easy to forget that just as important as daily operations, is continuing to improve your marketing. The good news, this is an easy problem to solve. Some quality photography to showcase your product, some TLC for your website, and some original creative content for your social feeds, and you will be right where you need to be.
  2. Thinking that a bad website/social media is better than none. Being visible on the web is important. Nobody can argue with that. But have you ever considered the fact that your website that has not been updated since 2012 could be driving potential customers away? People make assumptions about a company based on their website and social media, and if your presence appears sloppy and outdated, that assumption and very easily be a negative one. Having a professional website with quality content is a must.
  3. Forgetting to delegate. Sure, when you were just starting out, you could pretty much handle everything your business needed on your own. But now that things are taking off, you need to think about what is realistic for you to accomplish in a day. Play to your strengths, what are you good at and what do you love? Do those things, and find someone else to pick up whatever gets left behind.

Some examples of local businesses with great marketing:

Putney Mountain Winery

Long River Gallery




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